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Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training Mobility Charter

  • The VET Mobility Charter is designed to encourage organizations capable of providing high quality VET mobility to learners and staff and providing sound financial management, to further develop this within the framework of the European internationalization strategy. This means that a sending organisation develops an international approach throughout its work, for example by networking with bodies in other countries, promoting the learning of foreign languages and looking beyond national VET approaches.
  • The acquirement of the VET Mobility Charter will give the VET Mobility Charter Holders the possibility to apply in a simplified way under the Erasmus+ Key Action 1 mobility for VET learners and staff.
  • It supports the capacity building of sending organisations to organise quality mobility for learners and staff, whilst at the same time rewarding, promoting and further developing quality in mobility.
  • The VET Mobility Charter is awarded for the full duration of the Erasmus+ program and is subject to monitoring during the realization of the program.
  • The award of the VET Mobility Charter does not imply any direct funding nor any guarantee for funding under the Key Action 1 mobility for VET learners and staff.
  • The VET Mobility Charter is not obligatory for participation in Erasmus+ VET Mobility. Organisations, which don’t have the VET Mobility Charter, can submit applications for mobility project funding in the usual way under the Key Action 1 mobility for VET learners and staff as indicated in the Erasmus+ Program Guide.
  • The VET Charter Holders can be found on the VET Mobility Charter Map on the website of the European Commission. Thus, the information about high quality VET Mobility providers is available for European enterprises and other cooperation partners.

Vocational education institutions and other involved parts can use this map for searching new partners in VET sector, developing common future projects, etc.

  • The VET Mobility Charter was issued to the Vocational Educational Competence Center “Daugavpils Construction Technical School” in 2017.