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Educators-career counsellors at Daugavpils Construction Technical School

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Support to career development is a set of activities that includes giving learners access to information, career education and individual consultations that enable them to set their career goals and plan their careers while making informed decisions about their education and work (Education Law, 1998).

Daugavpils Construction Technical School implements an ESF project “Career Support in General and Vocational Education Institutions”, wherein learners can participate in different kinds of events, such master classes, professional growth lessons, educational tours to businesses and schools, practical classes, meetings with specialists on the school premises, etc.

Information on career support and continued education is available at the school’s Communication and Career Centre, on the ground floor of the building.

Our students can obtain relevant information and comprehensive career education from their class teachers, career counsellors, and vocational and general education teachers. They can also receive individual career consultations.

Career counselling gives students opportunities to:

  • Become aware of their interests, desires, skills and talents;
  • Learn job seeking skills;
  • Draft an excellent CV and motivation letter;
  • Choose a profession that suits their personality;
  • Choose the most appropriate study programme and higher education institution;
  • Plan their continued education.

Students can apply for individual career consultations at Daugavpils Construction Technical School and its branch sites by contacting their career consultants.

Individual career consultations

Advice on further study options

Job suitability assessment

Practical advice on finding a job

Drafting a CV

Preparing for a job interview

Plakāts individuālās karjeras konsultācijas