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Centre for Teaching Methodology and In-Service Teacher Training at Daugavpils construction Technical School

Aim: to shape and develop a contemporary educational environment as a space for teachers and learners to fulfil their creativity; to train competitive specialists who meet the demands of the labour market; to provide methodological assistance to vocational and general education teachers regarding the selection and application of the most effective teaching methods within the competency approach to education. To provide change-appropriate professional development for in-service teachers and spread practical, innovative and creative practices and experiences.

  • To promote cooperation and teamwork among teachers in pursuit of the school’s vision;

  • To progress towards a competency approach curriculum, focusing on incremental changes in the organisation of the teaching-learning process;

  • To develop best teaching practices targeted at transversal competencies;

  • To implement values education within the teaching learning-learning process;

  • To foster teacher cooperation through planning and giving integrated lessons;

  • To boost professional capacities of teachers in lesson planning and learning;

  • To organise professional assessment of teachers, to supervise open lessons, to observe lessons and share relevant experiences about the management of the teaching-learning process;

  • To continue the approbation of modular educational programmes, to evaluate the teaching-learning process, to draw conclusions and propose recommendations for their practical implementation.

  • To boost professional teacher competencies by taking part in in-service training courses, seminars, conferences, master classes, etc.

The school’s Methodological Council works to promote the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process, to choose the paths to be pursued in methodological work and to teach the curriculum in keeping with the demands of the day. The Council brings together heads of departments and structural units, educational methodologists and assistant headmasters. The Council acts in keeping with its rules of procedure as a structural unit of the Centre for Teaching Methodology and In-Service Teacher Training.